Statmans Architects  is a highly experienced architectural practice with over 25 years experience designing and constructing residential and commercial projects within London and beyond. 

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STATMANS ARCHITECTS  work with clients in various sectors, designing and constructing residential and commercial projects around the UK, particularly within London. 

David himself has worked on numerous building types. They range from theatres, shopping centres, apartments and showrooms, to kindergartens and residential extensions. We handle projects of all sizes; from under £100k to £62 million. His architectural practice offers the latest modelling technology for design, combined with a knowledge for the latest design trends. We always aim to give the client a well designed and enduring building; to budget and programme.


CAD and BIM Drafting 

THE ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN phases are just as important as the construction The initial and developing design is constantly updated to meet client's individual requirements. At Statmans Architects we ensure  flawless design evolution by using the latest technology, combined with our unmatched knowledge and experience in our sectors of expertise.

USING CAD (computer-aided design) and 'BIM' drafting for parametric modelling  from the early design stages, enables three dimensional accurate views of a building. It gives us the ability to work on a 3D model, which include precise rendered day-light and materials - something clients can relate to.

IT IS USEFUL to planners, who demand accurate visualisations in sensitive planning cases. Modelling in 3D makes visualisation of spaces and buildings clearer to the client.

REALISTIC ANIMATED CGI fly-through-models. They can be produced in-house  on request - showing real-time walks/fly throughs  of a scheme.

Project Management 

AS PART OF the design process, the  building construction stage will be exactly as planned. With our project management experience we can project -manage the building contract and liaise with contractors to hand over on time and on budget. 

WE RESPOND swiftly to our client's needs as they change, and make amendments to the plans. STATMANS keep up with the latest design trends, and create  bespoke architectural solutions  that match client's preferences. We  combine our expertise and design skills and  full  client involvement.

WE manage the construction stages on-site using JCT contracts, giving the client the peace of mind during what can be a stressful stage - the delivery of their building; where quality control of contractors is key to a successful project delivery.

The initial phase of the project includes a consultation, which we can conduct  on-site. Please contact us today to find out more. 

Success of Planning Approvals, Appeals and Objections 

OUR SKILLS at STATMANS   includes our high success-rate when it comes to planning approvals and appeals. Before a complex project can move forward, permission must be gained from the appropriate authorities. 


 offering the highest quality for residential and commercial architecture.

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