This project was designed for a large commercial developer, under another architectural practice. 

The design was seen as critical to Newport's fortunes in revitalising a depressed retail environment as larger stores moved out of the city centre.

We've reconnected the area of the river-front and its bus station, with new public spaces and the busy Commercial Street. The scheme has a carpark beneath the mall, with glass lift up to the  


Friars Walk,  Newport, Wales

The External buildings

ROOF COVERING TO THE MALL was an issue, and due to cost and structure an ETFE inflatable cushion roof was selected instead of a traditional glass system.

The long mall off John Frost Square

The open ended naturally ventilated mall was designed to continue the streets of the adjacent city shops.

Looking towards the river Next and the Cinema at night

Old lanes were reconnected as part of the master plan. to form a complete loop with the neighbouring shops and the bus station. 


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