AFTER PLANNING PERMISSION, the next stage includes the preparation of the site. If you are to carry out structural works; on or within 3 meters of a party wall, you as the "Owner" are obliged to obtain agreement with your "Adjoining Owner" or neighbour. You will usually need to have the award in place prior to commencing building works, since securing the Award can be a protracted process.

You may use our services for a Party Wall Award, as an Owner, or as an Adjoining Owner.

What is a Party Wall Agreement?

A Party Wall Agreement (technically called an “award”) is the document produced by the two party wall surveyors (or the “agreed surveyor”) acting for the respective owners.

It's usually in these three parts:

  • The award itself i.e. a set of guidelines governing how the proposed works should progress. 
  • A “schedule of condition” of the adjoining property, often supported by a set of photographs 
  • Drawings showing the details of the proposed works.


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